About Us

Our Tool Storage Systems product line is designed to be a flexible, expandable and adaptable system for the organisation and movement of items within a manufacturing environment. As many an engineer will testify, many productive hours have been lost in the overheads of looking for 'that set of chuck jaws for that job.' Our systems and product range are designed to help you optimise and streamline your manufacturing workplace. 

Our in-house ability to design, manufacture, finish, assembly and deliver allows for stock holding and the rapid delivery of the complete range. Customization of any product can be accomplished with the minimum of delay. Where necessary out-sourced manufacturing and supply is distributed within the British supply chain. This enables us to provide a high quality product that we can be proud of.

Our commitment to British manufacturing is to ensure the continued production of high quality products and customer service onshore within the supply chain. As a company we strive to be a responsible and sustainable organisation.